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The top binary options brokers in the business

Binary option trading is a recently popularised online form of trade which is, shortly put, based on the price fluctuation of the product – or rather shares – you decide to invest in. Many consider it a form of gambling, and as such, prefer other means of financial strategies. However, if you’re keen enough to understand the underlying mechanisms and rules of the process, it indeed can be a highly successful and rentable form of instrument. But which are the top role players on the market as of recently?

Binary options trading can be as simple as deciding a yes or no question: essentially, you decide about a high/low option, and if you invested in the fluctuation in the correct direction in a predetermined time frame, you are paid a fixed return: your investment was successful. If, however, unfortunately the market’s movements face the opposite direction, you lose your investment. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Given these factors, it is anything but a surprise that binary options have gained a notoriety, and are widely used. But which brokers and offices are in the top of the league and the market? There are several hundreds functioning, and, of course, due to the popularity of binary options trading, their number is growing steadily.

It is best to first take note of the average return ratios and percentages – meaning, the higher the number, the more successful transactions they conducted. The bonus percentages are also vital – these mark the amount and range of funds you can expect to be paid in case of a positive outcome.

24option is a highly regarded as one of the best and safest alternatives you can go for, as it has been awarded by several leading outlets and media as one of the best brokers out there. You have to have a minimum deposit of 250$ to participate – they operate with a wide range of different binary option trades. Also, they offer an unlimited maximum bonus.

Banc de Binary, in a similar fashion, requires a deposit as much as 250$ for trading, but, on the other hand, offers a 100% payout rate. They have a more varied array of deposit options, but their maximum bonus tops at 8000$.

Porter Finance is a more recent force on the market, but it is to be reckoned with: it has a minimum deposit requirement of 200$, and offers an unlimited bonus. They host various account types to accommodate the needs and preferences of all the investors and traders that choose their services.